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2010 Challenger Hemi

Here is a 2010 Dodge Challenger That Avondale Dodge brought to me , for a Flowmaster exhaust. 2 40 series flowmasters and 2 1/2 tails, we reused the tips . Sounded nice! Here’s a clip .

05 Neon SRT4 (3″ staight piping)

This is a SRT4 NEON. We ran 3" from the manifold to a 3" cat converter and 3" all the way to the back and made a y pipe into 2 2 1/2 tails with a nice set of chrome tips.  Heres some pics and a you tube clip.

2010 CAMARO V6

I just did a new Camaro, nice black with red stripe, we installed 2 chambered power sticks, we reused the chrome tips and left the short resonators in it. Sounded good! About the best a 6 cylinder can sound i think!  Check out the links:



06 Chevy Cobalt Supercharged (POWERSTICK)

This sounded Sweet!  We tried a magnaflow and a few other brands, but this Chambered Power Stick took the cake!


We installed a 3" chambered power stick with a 3" tailpipe. Check it out



Heres an 08 Toyota Tacoma 6cyl, we just ran 2 1/2 pipe from the y pipe back with a chambered power stick. Heres a couple clips

Cadillac with Chambered Exhaust

This sounded Bad Ass!  Check it out on YouTube


99 Challenger with Chambered Power Sticks

Just with the power sticks it was pretty aggresive, so we added a couple 12" resonators and that made it sound perfect. Agrressive but not obnoxious.

Lexus GS300 with Classic Chambered Power Sticks

Another one. This sounded Good! Only agressive under hard acceleration.We tried just resonators, but got no sound at all, tried the power sticks and they really brought out the sound.  Heres some pics


05 MUSTANG (Classic Chambered Exhaust)

We just installed a couple power sticks , chambered exhaust, on this 05 Ford Mustang 4.6L, and that has got to be the meanest exhaust system we have ever installed. I recommend these for anyone who is looking for that really aggressive sound. Classic Chambered Exhaust, , B&M Muffler is an authorized dealer for them .