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05 MUSTANG (Classic Chambered Exhaust)

We just installed a couple power sticks , chambered exhaust, on this 05 Ford Mustang 4.6L, and that has got to be the meanest exhaust system we have ever installed. I recommend these for anyone who is looking for that really aggressive sound. Classic Chambered Exhaust, , B&M Muffler is an authorized dealer for them .

Power Stick Mufflers

OK! I just installed a set of these Power Stick Mufflers on a 07 Tundra and , well ,they sound pretty good!  I recommend. They’re not glass packs , they are what you call chambered exhaust. Chambered exhaust will really wake-up the exhaust note on any late-model V-8.  Heres a picture

B&M Muffler launches new website!

Welcome to B&M Muffler.