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B&M Mufffler is an exclusive dealer for Classic Chambered Exhaust. If you you really want to wake up the sound and performance of your truck or car, then chambered powers sticks is what you want. These offer excellent flow as well as sound. If you are looking for that throaty aggresive sound then a power stick is your best bet. We have tested these against almost everything out there and nothing compares. Note: if loud or agressive is not for you , then thats ok , we offer a full line of other performance mufflers too. Go to my blog or Classic Chambered’s website right here at www.classicchambered.comto check out pictures and video sound clips.

Classic Chambered Exhaust manufactures a series of unique mufflers called POWERSTICKS -based on the original concept of chambered exhaust that first appeared on high performance GM vehicles of the 1960’s. Chambered exhaust produces a very unique & aggressive note – unlike anything else used in exhaust tuning!

This Chrysler 300 with a 6.1 Modified Hemi has 3″ exhaust and powersticks. This sounded Bad Ass!!

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