Inside a bad catalytic converter

This is off a Saturn, General Motors, had a P0420 catalytic converter efficiency and the car was losing power, as you can see how the guts start to break up and block it, One side is broken up and the other side still looks good. 

Diesel tip over the axle

O2 sensor bung

Sometimes these oxygen sensors can be pretty rusted and unable to remove, at that point it’s better to just install a new sensor bung

2016 Corvette mufflers install

Y pipes


Jeep wrangler, custom-built exhaust, Chevy 350 engine   


Some of the popular mufflers that we sell, FlowMaster, magna flow, classic chambered power sticks, race bullets, etc.

Mercedes tips

Installed a nice side dual stainless steel tips, looked really good!

2008 Jeep Wrangler with Flowmaster hush power

2015 Ford Mustang GT